Step 1:
Contact the Party Leaders

Use our email letter template to let the party leaders know that Canada needs a National School Food Program NOW.

Step 1a

Click the Copy Email Text button to copy the contents of the letter to your computer’s clipboard.

Copy Email Text

Step 1b

Click the button below and your email client window will open. Paste the contents of the email into the window and send.

*PLEASE NOTE – if you have an issue sending the email, you may need to change the commas between the email addresses to semi-colons.

Send an Email
Send an Email

If for any reason you are having issues with the email, download a letter, sign, and mail it to the party leaders.

Print a Letter

Step 2:
Spread the Word

We’ve made it easy to help spread the word! Feel free to use any of our graphics and the message below on your social channels. Every post, every story, every share matters.

The Message to Share

1 in 3 Canadian kids are at risk of going back to school hungry this September. This is two million children every single day. CANADA NEEDS A NATIONAL SCHOOL FOOD PROGRAM NOW! It only takes a couple of minutes to help! Speak up for our kids by sending an email to the party leaders using the templates at We cannot let our Canadian children go another day hungry! #twomilliontoomany