Canada Can Feed Kids Now

National School Food Program Letter Campaign

1 in 3 Canadian children are at risk of going to school hungry.

That is almost two million children every single day. In a country as fortunate as ours, we know that’s #twomilliontoomany. It doesn’t have to be this way. As the only G7 country without a National School Food Program, Canada needs to act NOW. And CANADA CAN.

Because no child deserves to go hungry.

We need to feed our Canadian children NOW

Hundreds of organizations across the country are working tirelessly to support this growing need. A federally funded National School Food Program would mean this existing national network could maintain, improve and expand programs to deliver support wherever it’s needed. The thing is, we know HOW to feed our kids. But we need the federal government to take leadership and provide the mandate for a National School Food Program for the benefit of all Canada’s children. Demand action from the political leaders this back-to-school season. Let’s show that for every hungry child, there is at least one adult who cares.

Here’s how we’ll get it done:

Step 1:

Contact The Party Leaders

It is crucial that government officials feel the passion and outrage of countless Canadians who are demanding the implementation of a National School Food Program. It only takes a few moments of your time. Use our email letter template to let the party leaders know that this is no longer acceptable anywhere in our country.

Send a letter now!

Step 2:

Spread The Word

Share this important cause on social media using hashtag #twomilliontoomany and encourage everyone you know to use our email letter templates to reach out to their party leaders.

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The Need in Numbers

Please note that these numbers are an estimate based on the 2M rational


Newfoundland and Labrador 23,816
Prince Edward Island 7,740
Nova Scotia 45,600
New Brunswick 36,474
Quebec 360,550
Ontario 771,021
Manitoba 67,904
Saskatchewan 69,177
Alberta 253,657
British Columbia 219,501
Yukon 21,375
Northwest Territories 3,263
Nunavut 3,790

We are asking the federal government to take immediate action by supporting a mandate for a National School Food Program.

A serious issue needs a serious solution.

Hungry students are less likely to reach their full potential in life. Chronic hunger has both short and long-term impacts on children, their families and our communities. In short, a National School Food Program is good for our kids and good for Canada’s economic development.

Hungry children are at risk for:

  • Decreased concentration, alertness, comprehension, memory, and learning

  • Increased behavioural problems and hyperactivity

  • Lower academic achievement

  • Higher rates of depression and anxiety

  • Stress, anxiety, and shame over food insecurity

Simply put, this problem starts and ends with food.

It’s easy to help!

Don’t let Canada’s kids go another day hungry. Every message of support helps! Send an email or mail a letter as soon as possible to show your support.

Act Now

Meet the team of dedicated sector leaders from across the country who are actively working with all levels of government and with existing nutrition programs to end student hunger in Canada.

Advisory Committee

Daniel Germain
Initiator of the Advisory Committee

Julie Dickson
Nationalized Food Systems Advisor

Judith Barry

Catherine Parsonage
CEO & Executive Director, Toronto Foundation for Student Success

Celina Stoyles
Executive Director, Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

Phil Fontaine
Former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations

Evan Fraser
Co-Chair, Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council

We also want to recognize the key stakeholder organizations who have been instrumental in our efforts to date.

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